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"Kurby and Connie love their Doggy Duvets! They have three so far – one small one each to sleep on at night, and a large size duvet to snooze on together during the day, which saves my sofa from all the hair and paw-prints!

The designs are great, really colourful and fun, and the covers are soft and cosy –and so easy to pop in the washing machine/tumble dryer, to keep them looking (and smelling) clean and fresh.  I'm thinking of getting a fourth one for the car, so they can be just as comfy while we're on the move."

Helen, Scottish Borders

Lady Bird Duvet



“I just can't get Wills up in the mornings!”

Di, Guildford




“Trixie won’t be parted from her duvet, we have to take it everywhere we go!”

Lesley, Normandy




“Dolly’s pink duvet is her favourite bed, and she looks so comfy, snuggled up in it”

Steph, Mytchett

Doggy Duvet
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