Frequently asked questions

What are Doggy Duvets made out of?

Covers are made out of luxurious, soft, fun polar fleece or cuddle fleece materials, and interiors are made out of up-cycled material, both are 100% polyester.

How big are the duvets?

We offer duvets in a small (28 x 18 cm) and large size (52 x 28 cm), however, sizes may vary slightly due to the product being hand made. If you need a specific size please contact us. We can customise your order.

What is the difference between Polar Fleece and Cuddle Fleece?

Polar fleece is a soft, insulating fabric, usually used for making jackets, hats and, more commonly, blankets. Polar fleece is the thickest type of fleece available on the market. Cuddle fleece is lightweight, super soft, and warm to the touch. The material is made with a twisted fibre yarn woven into the fabric. The soft texture is obtained by brushing the fibres. Both fabrics are machine washable and dry quickly.

How do I care for my pet's duvet?

The interiors are firmly attached to their covers at each corner. Before washing, brush off any fur/hair or dirt. Machine wash at 30 degrees Celsius and tumble dry on a low heat. After washing, hold the duvet by the corners and shake vigorously, repeat again after drying. This will help to keep its shape.