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Our duvets travel all the way to Scotland!

Kurby & Connie

We ship our duvets all across the country. We fot this lovely feedback from Helen in Scotland:

"Kurby and Connie love their Doggy Duvets! They have three so far – one small one

each to sleep on at night, and a large size duvet to snooze on together during the

day, which saves my sofa from all the hair and paw-prints!

The designs are great, really colourful and fun, and the covers are soft and cosy –

and so easy to pop in the washing machine/tumble dryer, to keep them looking

(and smelling) clean and fresh.

I'm thinking of getting a fourth one for the car, so they can be just as comfy while

we're on the move."

Helen, Scottish Borders

Thank you Helen! We are glad they are enjoying them.


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